Some recent exhibitions: Amanda and Elliott Lunson

Appareality presented the installation of two Midland artists, Amanda and Elliott Lunson. Given free reign of the Special Projects Gallery, the Lunsons began with a vivid idea grounded in reality, then let go of conscious thinking allowing intuition to take control. Works included in this exhibition, as well as most work produced by the Lunsons are conceived in this fashion. Letting go of the original idea throughout the art making process allows each piece to take on a life of its own. The artwork then presents itself, an apparition if you will, an unexpected vision, the way it is meant to be.

Some recent exhibitions: Robert Fathauer

Math, Nature and Form presented the two and three dimensional work of Robert Fathauer. He was trained as a research scientist, having earned a Ph.D. from Cornell University and worked at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. The artist is fascinated by beautiful and complex forms both in mathematics and in the natural world. He is particularly intrigued by intricate structures that exhibit symmetrical and regular underlying order. With this exhibition, a ‘pedestal forest’ of ceramics was creating, with works on paper on the gallery walls. This exhibition was the final of four parts of the 2017 Contemporary Artist Series: Science in the Southwest. 

Some recent exhibitions: Lauren Strohacker

Confrontation presented the solo and collaborative work of Lauren Strohacker, a Phoenix-based artist whose work examines the ever-growing conflict between humans and animals as our manufactured environments–physical, political and economical–expand into natural habitats. Working with Lauren, we integrated aspects from three of her recent projects in an immersive environment with video and installation. NO(w)HERE is an ephemeral site-specific public work designed to incite awareness about the Mexican wolf; Animal Land is a visual metaphor for wildlife in the Anthropocene era; and Un-Fragmenting: Reuniting Culture and Ecology in the Borderlands is an interdisciplinary intervention that transforms the US – Mexico border wall from barrier to backdrop with images from the Northern Jaguar Reserve.

In 2017 the Museum of the Southwest presented four different artists whose photographs, sculptures and multimedia installations bring together art and science in the American Southwest. This series has examined the role that artists have in engaging with different scientific disciplines and presenting information in new and dynamic ways to the public. Although they are now two distinct fields, for centuries science and art were closely intertwined. Contemporary artists are starting to once again bridge the divide and unite the two fields. This exhibition was the third of four parts of the 2017 Contemporary Artist Series: Science in the Southwest.